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Where Can I Hide My Key?

Good Places to Hide A Key

For many of us, we need a good, safe place to hide a spare key. There might come a time when you might misplace your keys, lock yourself out of the house, need to let someone into your place when you are not home, etc, etc.

The worst place you can leave a key is in a mailbox, flower box, or under a door mat, all burgulars know those hiding places.

It is best to keep your key in a place where it can blend in with the surroundings making it very difficult for a burglar to find quickly.

Another option is to put a lock box in an area where it can securely lock around a bar or door knob that would make it difficult to come off.

A lock box or electronic keypad has a complex combination on it which will make it more difficult for unauthorized accessibility.

Which is the Best Wall Mountable Lockbox?

It really does depend on your needs. Most people are fine with a lockbox that holds up to 2 to 3 keys, but if you are looking for larger capacity your best bet would be to go for something like the Master Lock Key Box 5401D.

It’s a fully weather resistant key safe that can hold up to 5 keys, including car keys.

The reinforced die-cast zinc construct of this lockbox ensures it’s durability, making it impossible to access without the correct combination.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

In fact the Master Lock 5401D also happens to be one of Amazon’s best selling key safes with rave reviews from buyers. Check out the reviews for yourself.

Portable Lockbox for Keys

If you prefer a less permanent solution to key storage, then consider one of the portable lockboxes.

Once again, it looks as though the Master Lock Key Box is the leader with their portable key storage unit, the 5400D.

Just like the wall mountable version this lock is made from a toughen metal that will withstand hammering and sawing, holds up to 5 keys and offers something in the region of 10,000 different combination possibilities for maximum security and total peace of mind.

A great alternative to this would be the Abus 797 Key Garage, which is made out of the same superior die cast material, but also has enough room to safely hold ID and credit cards too.

If you need some place to hide a key, here is a great  option to consider. See more details for yourself.

Oh No I Am Locked Out Of The House!

It has happened to many of us where we go to take out the garbage or go out to the garage and mistakenly lock the door behind us.

You stand outside feeling like a fool wondering how you could have done such a thing and wondering how in the world are you going to get back in the house.

It could be one of those really bad days where you could be standing out in the rain, snow or cold and have no other way to get back inside.

You could break a window but that would be costly, you could also call a locksmith but that would be costly too.

You most likely won’t have your cellphone on you and would have to go to a neighbors house or another place to place a call.

You might have even lost your keys in your travels and are now in a pickle. Obviously this is not very convenient.

Many people might be leery about leaving spare keys around their property but there are many clever ways to hide a key that will make it very challenging and time consuming for burglars to deal with.

How To Keep Your Spare Key Secure

Some of things you should not do when hiding a spare key are:

Do not hide a key anywhere near the entrance – This would include a mailbox, doormat, flowerpot or anywhere accessible within 15 feet of the door.

Do not use your spare key as a regular key – Do not use your spare key on a regular basis.

If you are continuously retrieving your spare key from its hiding spot, it is very likely that someone will notice your routine and will have knowledge of your hiding spot.

It is important to be discreet when hiding your spare key.

Try and avoid those obvious lawn ornaments that burglars might be aware of the product advertisement.

Great Hiding Places For Spare Keys

When a person is trying to break into your house the easy way, they will want to find a spare key around the entrance that is easily accessible.

Place your spare key more than 15 feet from the front entrance since they won’t have much time to be searching around for keys.

You can use velco, double sided tape, and magnets to help hold your keys in its hiding place.

Some great hiding places would be:

  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Inside the rain gutter-secure the key to the top underside of the gutter where it will not get wet.
  • Underside of AC unit
  • Under your aluminum siding
  • Under the house foundation
  • In Your Big Bushy Tree

If you are really concerned about hiding a key around the house, you can install an electronic keypad or unican lock on your door which will only require you to remember the code. But more about those in a different article.

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    • Mindy Jollie
    • July 25, 2019

    That’s a good idea to try hiding your spare key secure in a place that’s more than 15 feet away from the door it goes to. I’d imagine most people trying to break in aren’t going to search that big of a radius for a spare key. Still, it’s nice to know that I also have the option of getting a locksmith if I get locked out of my own home!

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