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Types of Blinds and Shades

Choosing Which Types of Window Shades and Blinds are Best for Your Room

Decorating your home or office can be an interesting yet daunting task. Choosing the right window shades and blinds to go with the theme of the room is just one of the many aspects of decorating that need consideration. There is a wide selection available which makes window decoration a difficult task.

The size and position of windows in a room can influence the room design in a big way. Windows can be left uncovered to let in light and air, or can be covered if privacy is a concern.

The window coverings can be in the form of curtains or window shades and blinds.

There are basically two types of window shades and blinds, the horizontal and the vertical variety.

Horizontal blinds such as mini blinds or more traditional Venetian blinds are quite popular with decorators as they are simple and unobtrusive while allowing privacy and light control.

Vertical blinds are often used in commercial buildings, but are also quite common in homes where there is a large glass area to cover such as sliding patio doors.

Window Treatments: Ideas for Different Types

  • Bamboo blinds: Bamboo blinds are made from natural bamboo and so give a rustic and natural feel to the room. These type of blinds are mostly woven blinds and are easy to install and maintain. Being durable makes them economical and useful in rooms which may see a lot of activity. The natural color of bamboo gives a distinct shade to each blind which will be different from other blinds, imparting uniqueness to the decor.
  • Faux wood blinds: These are a wonderful option for those looking to give the room a professional and sophisticated feel. These are mostly a preferred choice for offices and conference rooms. These are made of synthetic material and are water resistant making them a perfect choice for low maintenance areas. These can also be used in club houses and pool houses and are a favorite of universal buyers agents.
  • Bali blinds: If you want a variety of color choices but want to stick to the classic look of window shades and blinds, then the Bali blinds are for you. Available in a range of colors and designs, they make a perfect choice for, guest rooms, large stately sitting areas and dining rooms. They give a luxurious feel to the room. If budget is a constraint then discount window blinds are often available in this type.
  • Roller blinds: These are perhaps the most cost effective way to make the room look and feel sophisticated with having to pinch your pocket. These blinds can be made to order in a wide selection of fabrics and colors. Sheer fabric, lace, blinds with trims and hem lace are just a few of the types you can have. These blinds can be rolled up when you want light to enter the room and hence the name roller blinds.
  • Matchstick blinds: These look similar to the bamboo blinds in the sense that they impart a natural feel to the room. The classic wooden color gives a natural and rustic look to the windows. The blinds are easy to clean but one should be careful not to splash color on them as this can leave a permanent stain on the blinds. These blinds easily take up stains and this disadvantage can sometimes be turned in an added advantage by adding a personal touch by drawing or painting what you feel like on these blinds.
  • Fabric Shades: a looser and often more feminine feel to a room can be achieved using fabric shades such as balloon shades. These are usually custom made to a specific window size, either at home or by professionals, or if you have a common window size you may be able to find them ready made. Custom shades of this type can be made exactly to match your other soft furnishings. Roman shades are also fabric but are more tailored and masculine-looking. While simple in concept, large roman blinds can be very time-consuming to make and require very exact construction.
  • Honeycomb shades: also called cellular blinds, this modern type is made using two layers of fabric attached together horizontally at intervals and pleated, so that the shade has pockets which open and close as it’s raised and lowered. As well as being sleek, clean-lined and elegant, these shades insulate a window when they are drawn over it, keeping out unwanted heat in the summer and helping to keep your home warm in the winter.

Always keep in mind how the blinds are going to be used in the room before settling on a specific type.

If there is going to be lot of opening and closing of the blinds then durability and functionality must be the main concern rather than looks.

If you intend to change them every year then the cost of the blinds would be the priority.

In a focal-point window which will not be operated very often, looks can take precedence over everything else.

There is a wide variety of blinds available in the market to suit every taste and color palette. An intelligent choice would be based on your personal need and decor rather than going by what everyone is buying at a particular time.

There are a variety of window treatment ideas made available to you, but to make the correct choice is up to you.

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    • Jenna Hunter
    • July 23, 2019

    I like what you said about how Matchstick blind also being a natural feel to the room similar to bamboo blinds. My husband and I have been looking to get some new blinds for our front room. It would be really nice to get them installed by a professional.

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