best bed sheets

Best Bed Sheets

What Are the Best & Most Comfortable Sheets? Growing up, before I became a wife and Mom, I didn’t ever think about what the most comfortable bed sheets were – who cared? Now I do. I love getting a good night’s sleep – and an uncomfortable or poorly made set of sheets can ruin that […]

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white subway tile back splash

Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas

Homeowners today have numerous choices when it comes to renovating their favorite kitchen. There are endless ideas for the taking that sometimes, it can get confusing when it’s time to make a decision. A popular trend these days in kitchen remodeling projects is the use of a tile backsplash. This alone already presents various choices. […]

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ac problems

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Most of us must have come across many central air conditioning problems, out of which few we can troubleshoot ourselves. But there are some problems which may need the attention of a heating and cooling contractor. This article throws light on various such problems and their respective remedies. The central air conditioning unit boils down […]

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Your Amazing Home Office

Your Amazing Home Office for Working at Home

Your workspace is the key to your success! If you’re making the switch from a regular job to a work at home career, then defining your workspace will help you and your family make the mental transition and adjustment. Defining where it is you work helps you to put a boundary between your “home” and […]

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basement design

Creative Ideas for Basement Remodeling

Basement Design Ideas With these creative ideas for remodeling your basement, you can create one or more brand new rooms in your home without having to build an addition. Don’t let the opportunity slip away by making a guest bedroom you don’t really need. Creative ideas for basement remodeling mean thinking about what function the […]

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man using a snow blower in winter

A Guide On Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Winterizing Your Home As winter is approaching, that means that both you and your home will be subject to dropping temperatures. This means there will be a whole lot of snow and ice that can really take a toll on your property. It is important that you get your home ready for winter so that […]

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big green egg grilling

Big Green Egg Reviews

Why We Love The Big Green Egg Grill & Smoker If you are a grill enthusiast you’ve probably seen or at least heard of the Big Green Egg grill. The Big Green Egg has been around for over 30 years. It started as a clay grill modeled after the ancient Japanese Kamado cooker. The Big […]

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best houseplants for clean air

The Best Houseplants for Clean Air (Home or Office)

Home Air Filtration with Houseplants Did you know you can Improve Your Air Quality using Indoor House Plants to Clean and Filter the Air in your Home or Office? You don’t even need a green thumb to get the benefits from these easy to grow plants! Most of these plants are shade loving varieties that […]

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marble tiles

A Buyer’s Guide To Marble Countertops

All About Marble Countertops With such a prestigious history, it’s no wonder that marble in the modern home, usually used for flooring or countertops, is both prized and expensive. Its natural beauty, depth of pattern, and unique markings make it an elegant, luxurious choice for kitchen or bathroom counters. Marble is the result of the metamorphosis of […]

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curtains in living room

What’s the difference between a swag, valance and other curtain “words” ?

Differences in curtains that are placed at the top of windows. Balloon Valances – A valance with a fabric sewn in a tubular form. The pocket can be stuffed with tissue paper etc. providing a pouf look.   Jabots – Narrow fabric sidepieces. Jabots can be tailored, pleated or ruffled. A valance between jabots can […]

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