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Design A Modern Laundry Room

How To Design A Luxury Laundry Room For Your Home

You may only use your home’s laundry room to do chores, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the latest technological advances in cleaning and entertainment in a well styled environment. Use this guide to create beautiful and luxurious home laundry rooms that may help make this home chore a little less tiresome.


The laundry room is focused on two key appliances: the washing machine and dryer. While you may think there isn’t much know about these two household appliances, new luxury models can do more than a simple soak and tumble. Expect to spend anywhere between $800 and $2000 per machine, depending on size, brand and features. So be sure you have a good technician like appliance repair Calgary who can fix and maintain your appliances.

  • Front loading washing machines are a popular feature in luxury laundry rooms, as they require less water to function, come in large, high capacity sizes, and frequently use a high-style glass door making your laundry visible during the wash.
  • High-end washing machines now offer a range of features beyond basic soaking. Look for machines that can steam clothing, engage automatic temperature control which adjusts to the clothing’s needs, delayed start times for fresh laundry when you arrive home and digital, touch screen controls for a wide range of laundering options.
  • Luxury dryers also offer a wide array of options, making drying your clothes easier and more efficient.
  • Look for dryers with moisture sensing controls to adjust the level of heat, a tumbling feature to fluff clothing after it has finished drying, steam to prevent wrinkling, digital controls for plenty of drying options and drum racks to hold shoes or other objects you wish to dry without tumbling noisily inside the dryer.
  • Others appliances you’ll want to keep on hand in your laundry room are an iron and a sewing machine for quick repairs. Having a well-stocked laundry room with these items within reach will make repairing and preparing clothing simpler and easier.
modern laundry room ideas luxlaundry room ideas


Accessories help make a nice laundry room as helpful as it is beautiful. Try including some of these items in yours:

  • Install a fold out ironing board onto a free wall near your laundry machines. Rather than lugging out a heavy board each time you need it, having one permanently fixed to the laundry room will make ironing an easier task (and one you’re less likely to avoid!)
  • Lighting is important in this room, but it doesn’t need to be boring or industrial. Many luxury laundry rooms actually feature chandeliers in the center of the room. Sconce lighting and recessed lighting also adds style and functionality.
  • Shelves are very important in a laundry room, and installing high quality wood shelving above and adjacent to your laundry machines can help keep clothing organized throughout the laundering process.
  • Drawers and cabinets built into wall storage units in a luxury laundry room help keep detergent, fabric softener and other laundry accessories out of sight. Using kitchen cabinet worthy wood paneling makes them as stylish as they are functional. Some laundry rooms even cover the laundry machines themselves with large, matching cabinet doors.
  • Just like many kitchens feature over-sized drawers for trashcans, install one or several to hold laundry baskets out of sight.
  • If your laundry room is large enough, place a stylish table at the center of the room. You’ll have plenty of space to fold and sort laundry.
  • Install a tension rod between cabinets to hang dry clothing.

Design & Style

  • Install a small flat screen television above your laundry machines to provide entertainment while you wash, dry and fold your clothing. Add an Amazon Firestick for lots of show choices. Having your favorite shows or movies to watch while you work is sure to make the task go by quicker.
  • Wallpaper or bold paint is an easy way to give your laundry room a luxurious feel. Pick your favorite colors and/or patterns to line the walls and make your time spent doing laundry feel a little more fun.
  • Stone and tile are beautiful ways to dress up the wall behind and above your laundry machines. Much like a kitchen or subway tile backsplash, design a stone or tile mosaic or solid wall to add elegance to the room.
  • Tin ceiling tiles can also be used in place of stone or tile for beautiful wall décor, or on the ceiling as intended.
  • Flooring should always be slip resistant in the laundry room, as water and liquid can easily spill here. Avoid anything slippery like marble, but do look for elegant stone or tile flooring options in a shade that compliments your wall color. Use large area rugs to keep your feet warm while doing laundry during cold winter mornings, and help prevent slips.
  • Window treatments should be light in color and feel airy. Make sure they match the paint and other interior design elements of your new space.
  • Decorate counter and tabletops in your laundry room with photos, apothecary jars, plants and vases, much like you would in other rooms of the house. These high-style pieces will help further the elegant feel, and allow you to add personalized style to your laundry room.
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