What is Red Lava Rock

Landscaping with Red Lava Rock

Red lava rock is increasing in popularity for its multi-purpose functionality in many different types of garden and landscape design settings. It can be fun to explore all the various uses for red lava rock when planning out a new garden or landscape design.

Lava rock has several properties which endear it to landscape design artists, chief amongst which are its lightweight properties, its resistance to color fade, its ability to serve as a source of natural insulation for fragile plant roots as they grow, its ability to control weeds, and its resistance to being displaced even under pressure from foot or other traffic.

Red lava rock is as functional as it is attractive, and with several different types and as many applications to choose from, it can be a delightful discovery as well as a quick fix solution to common landscape design problems. Learn more from landscape experts about how to effectively use red lava rock in your own home garden or landscape setting.

What is Red Lava Rock

Red Lava rock is as its name suggests – rock that has been formed out of the heat of an active volcano. As such, red lava rock bears the properties of all volcanic rock in being lightweight and porous, yet both enduring and easy to install. Its sheer lightweight properties reduces the burden of using red lava rock, as no special transport or strength is needed to install it.

Forms of Red Lava Rock

Red lava rock can be ground into a red sand, cut into small rocks from 3/8 of an inch to one or two inches across, on up to large decorative boulders. Most of these forms are readily available from local garden centers or online stores.

Ideas for How to Use Red Lava Rock in a Landscape Setting

Here are several ideas to effectively employ red lava rock for a landscape setting.

Driveway or Walkway Landscaping: Red lava sand or small red lava rock can make a very effective natural driveway that is functional and stable as well as visually appealing. Red lava sand or rock can be used equally effectively along walkways or garden paths or in outdoor pavilions or pool areas.

Garden Bed Landscaping: Red lava rock in various sizes can be a great addition to garden beds, both protective and decorative.

Planters or Garden Containers: Red lava sand or rock in various sizes can be a very effective decorative filler for landscaping planters, pots, or containers of various sizes.

Rock Garden Landscaping: Red lava rock can be very effectively used in rock gardens with an attractive visual effect.

Red Lava Boulders: Red lava boulders, while lightweight in comparison to more traditional stone or rock boulders, are movement resistant and can lend an attractive visual aspect to a landscape design. Red lava boulders can serve as an anchor or focal point around which to present complementary plants and shrubs.

They can also have a protective aspect when installed in corners or sensitive areas like alongside driveways or walkways where foot or other traffic might otherwise cause injury.

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