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Best bottom up top down blinds options

Best Top Down Bottom Shades For Your Home Office

There are plenty of upsides to working from home. For starters, you get a better home-life balance, you save money and time on commuting, and you get the ability to design your space just the way you like it! One of the best yet most underrated forms of design is the window shade. There are […]

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Uses for Egg Cartons

Creative Uses for Egg Cartons (10)

10 New and Creative Uses for Egg Cartons You can’t buy eggs without them, and you just know that they could be used for something else. Egg crates are crafty and cute to boot, so why not use them as much as you can? Here is a list of 10 great ideas for your empty […]

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uses for tension rods

10 Cool Uses for Tension Rods

See What YOU Can Do With Tension Rods How many times have you wanted a quick and easy way to create a decor cover-up or put together a fast, easy and inexpensive organizer? The answer may be hanging in a very unlikely spot — your bathroom. It turns out that the tension rod holding up […]

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types of blinds

Types of Blinds and Shades

Choosing Which Types of Window Shades and Blinds are Best for Your Room Decorating your home or office can be an interesting yet daunting task. Choosing the right window shades and blinds to go with the theme of the room is just one of the many aspects of decorating that need consideration. There is a […]

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Modern Laundry Room

Design A Modern Laundry Room

How To Design A Luxury Laundry Room For Your Home You may only use your home’s laundry room to do chores, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the latest technological advances in cleaning and entertainment in a well styled environment. Use this guide to create beautiful and luxurious home laundry rooms that may help […]

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Replacement Windows

Installing Replacement Windows for Your Home

When the Windows Need to be Updated Installing replacement windows in your home may improve its appearance, raise your home’s value, and save on energy.  It is a somewhat difficult process and takes about four hours per window, depending on whether or not you are changing sizes, but can be completed by any homeowner. There […]

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best bed sheets

Best Bed Sheets

What Are the Best & Most Comfortable Sheets? Growing up, before I became a wife and Mom, I didn’t ever think about what the most comfortable bed sheets were – who cared? Now I do. I love getting a good night’s sleep – and an uncomfortable or poorly made set of sheets can ruin that […]

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Your Amazing Home Office

Your Amazing Home Office for Working at Home

Your workspace is the key to your success! If you’re making the switch from a regular job to a work at home career, then defining your workspace will help you and your family make the mental transition and adjustment. Defining where it is you work helps you to put a boundary between your “home” and […]

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best houseplants for clean air

The Best Houseplants for Clean Air (Home or Office)

Home Air Filtration with Houseplants Did you know you can Improve Your Air Quality using Indoor House Plants to Clean and Filter the Air in your Home or Office? You don’t even need a green thumb to get the benefits from these easy to grow plants! Most of these plants are shade loving varieties that […]

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marble tiles

A Buyer’s Guide To Marble Countertops

All About Marble Countertops With such a prestigious history, it’s no wonder that marble in the modern home, usually used for flooring or countertops, is both prized and expensive. Its natural beauty, depth of pattern, and unique markings make it an elegant, luxurious choice for kitchen or bathroom counters. Marble is the result of the metamorphosis of […]

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