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A Guide On Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Winterizing Your Home

As winter is approaching, that means that both you and your home will be subject to dropping temperatures. This means there will be a whole lot of snow and ice that can really take a toll on your property.

It is important that you get your home ready for winter so that any property damages are minimal.

You should start getting your home ready before the actual winter months set in so that you don’t have to deal with issues like burst pipes, broken furnaces etc.

With that said, we will now look at a couple of things you should do to get your home prepared.

The first tip is to clean out your drains and gutters. Unfortunately, most drains and gutters tend to have a build up of leaves, branches and other debris which can cause leaks along the roof and walls if left unaddressed.

As a result, by clearing them, you will prevent or minimize any damage.

Next, you should get your boiler or furnace checked. This is extremely important because the last thing you want is to not have central heating during the winter months.

Even if the boiler seems fine, it is highly recommended that you get it serviced before winter. Furnace cleaning is just one of those things that need to be done yearly.

You should also change out the furnace filters each year as they can get dusty and mold can grow on them filter not being used for a while.

It is best that you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your boiler and you could check the Gas Safe website to get a list of registered engineers in your area.

These engineers are highly experienced and qualified and they will be able to quickly diagnose and fix any problems in a short space of time.

In the event that you have a chimney in your home, then you should get it cleaned before winter. Most people with chimneys often forget about the importance of cleaning them and this often leads to chimney fires during the winter.

There are many chimney cleaning companies you can call to sweep the chimney for you, so make sure that you do so.

Next, you should properly insulate your home. By installing insulation in your home, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill every year.

The best place to start is with the roof since about a quarter of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. As a result, you should get the roof and loft insulated as well as walls.

The pipes in your home are at high risk of bursting during the winter months. This can be fixed by installing lagging which is basically a foam layer placed around them.

This will help to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

You should also take the time to clean the area around the pipes such as vegetation since they can also damage them during the winter.

Also, don’t forget to break out that snow shovel. Adding a little oil, any kind of oil can help keep snow from sticking to the shovel, and it also helps to keep the shovel from getting rusty.

Also, if you have a snow blower, make sure to change the gas as it’s probably been sitting a while and the gas will break down. Then check the oil, if it is dirty, give it a quick oil change.

I always drain the gas tank and oil at the end of the winter season to be sure that everything is fresh and new for the new season. If you don’t have a snow blower but are looking for one, this Husqvarna blower does the trick.

Lastly, you should make sure that your home insurance policy offers enough protection and you are covered for any damage caused during the winter. You should ensure that there is coverage for flood, fire, theft, subsidence, accidental damage as well as storm damage.

In closing, we have just looked at a couple of tips that will help you to get your home ready for the winter. So, be sure to heed the above tips and I’m sure you’ll be more than ready.

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