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Dual Shower Heads ROCK!

Why You WANT Dual Shower Heads in Your Shower!

Don’t you always get excited about having a nice shower? I do!

Whether you love your shower warm, cold or hot, you will always want to have a good time in the shower. But how can you achieve this?

Well, there is a simple way to improve your shower to the levels of wanting to stay in there forever!

Having a dual shower head will give you the much desired comfort in the bathroom. This only means that you will have two shower heads connected to one water pipe.

The result of it is that the water is sprinkled over a larger surface, giving you a wider area in the shower.

The benefits

Speakman VS-232007 Napa AnystreamThere are so many benefits to be achieved if you have dual showers in your home.

One is that the showers can be adjusted so that they can sprinkle water in all directions.

Although some traditional showers can do this, they can not match the efficiency with which the dual shower does it.

Imagine turning the head of the shower to sprinkle water in all directions so that there is no where that waters does not reach!

Wouldn’t you love to feel such an experience?

With double heads for your shower, you will also make it possible for your shower space to be used by two people, how wonderful is that?

If you are a couple, a dual shower head can do so much good to you.

However, it does not mean that only couples can benefit from them.

It is an ideal place for children who want to take their shower faster. With children, a dual shower head can support five of them or more.


You must be wondering about the pressure and for two people using the shower, individual preferences.

Guess what? The dual shower heads have been constructed to take this into account. Most of the showers with dual heads come with separate settings for pressure and with regard to each head.

You can also switch off one head and use the other.

Therefore, if one person likes a higher pressure than the other who is sharing the shower, then each one of them can set their preferred pressure.

Water consumption

Maybe you are imagining that showers fitted with double heads consume a lot of water. If this is the case, then you do not have to worry about your water bills.

The two heads are connected to the same water pipe and so, the water used is not different from when you would use a normal traditional shower.

As a matter of fact, many traditional showers use more water than the modern double headed ones.

So will you choose to remain with the traditional shower head with a stream of water coming out of it, or will you upgrade to one of the best 2 in 1 shower heads and enjoy your time in the shower?

If I were you, I would be on my way to purchase a double head for my shower.

How can you choose to remain with the traditional shower when there is so much to enjoy with these showers?

Your morning shower time need not be the same ever again!

Speakman Dual Shower Head

What would you want most out of your dual shower heads? The truth is that many of us are looking for that one particular thing when buying and installing shower heads in our bathrooms.

It is also difficult to find one particular shower head that would appeal to all.

However, there are major things that people want in a dual shower head and it is important that you find one that can have these important characteristics.

You are already wondering which one dual head could have all the major qualities, aren’t you? Well the Speakman dual shower head has the ability to transform your shower times into moments of joy.

Suitable for all uses

The Speakman showers have been in the markets for a very long time, though have been modified from time to time with special attention to making them suitable for every reason that a user would want to buy them for.

It is the reason why you will find these shower heads outstandingly good for you.

Can you believe that these shower heads have been selling in the market for over 90 years now?

This long time is what has enabled the manufactures to come up with the best products and that capture every aspect of consumer’s demands.

They bring elegance and style

Speakman VS-122007It is obvious that other than having a good shower head in your bathroom, you will want your entire bathroom area to look elegant and have some style.

You don’t want people to look at your bathroom area and produce sounds that manifest their amazement? Everyone does.

The good thing with the shower heads from Speakman is that they are specially made to add style and elegance to your bathroom.

For example, they come in gold, silver brass and other colors that result to nothing far from elegancy. In fact, you could be overwhelmed with choices.

They are longer lasting

You would not want to spend your money buying heads for your shower that won’t last for long. This would be a waste of money.

In fact, you need to get the type of shower heads that will not require replacing or repairing within a short time.

For this reason, Speakman is simply the best.

The quality that is invested in these heads is adequate to see them last for much longer than you could imagine. You may just feel the need to replace them, not because they need to be replaced, but because they have been around for too long and you feel it is time to re-model your bathroom.

Even though these shower heads are high quality, they are easy to fix and use. You are unlikely to have problems using or fixing them.

Such things as adjusting pressure, using one head while the other rests and turning on and off are not a problem to an average user.

Aren’t you looking for something to rejoice in when you walk into your shower room?

Then look no further.

It all boils down to getting the Speakman dual shower head. Moreover, their pricing is so reasonable!

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