Uses for Egg Cartons

Creative Uses for Egg Cartons (10)

10 New and Creative Uses for Egg Cartons

You can’t buy eggs without them, and you just know that they could be used for something else. Egg crates are crafty and cute to boot, so why not use them as much as you can? Here is a list of 10 great ideas for your empty egg cartons. With practical and just plain amazing uses for them, you’ll never just toss egg crates into the recycler again.

  1. Ice cube tray. When you’re in a last-minute pinch for cheap ice, then grab that plastic egg carton and use it as a makeshift ice cube tray. Fill each egg hole with water and place in the freezer for a simple ice solution. As a bonus, the thinner material allows the ice to cool faster. For safety, crates shouldn’t be used more than once each.
  2. Worm feeder. Paper egg crates are a great food source for worm farms. Simply tear up the carton into pieces and place them in the soil. If the soil mix is too moist, then add dry carton pieces. If it’s too dry, then dunk the pieces in water first.
  3. Packing material. Steer clear of those pesky packing peanuts, which also happen to be bad for the environment. Instead, use egg cartons of any kind. They’re lightweight and space-consuming, making them perfect for a lighter (and, as a result, cheaper!) solution to peanuts.
  4. Bulb storage. Rather than letting those stray night-light bulbs roll around in various drawers around the house, put them in egg carton cups for simple, safe storage. For extra bulb safety, keep the carton lid on. As a bonus, the one storage container makes those spare bulbs easier to find later.
  5. Tool box. Screws, nuts and bolts can get messy in your toolbox. Fast. This only worsens when you’re in the middle of a project. Rather than tossing everything in one drawer and praying you pick the right ones, use an egg carton to store the pieces separately. You can even number the cups for convenience.
  6. Ornament storage. Don’t worry about those holiday ornament storage risks anymore. Egg crates are perfect for separating small, fragile ornaments, protecting them from larger ones and keeping their paint from scratching.
  7. Fire starter. You can even fire your grill with egg cartons. Melt candle scraps in a double boiler, and then fill each carton cup halfway with sawdust. Carefully ladle the wax over the sawdust and let it cool. Each cup now serves as a fire starter for the grill. All you need is to light the edge.
  8. Bird feeder. Cut the lid off your egg crate, and thread string through holes in each corner of the tray. Fill the cups halfway with bird feed, hang the tray in a tree, and watch the birds enjoy their snack!
  9. Sound muffler. If your neighbors have been complaining about the noise but you don’t really have any intention of quieting down, then start collecting those egg cartons. At-home recording artists have been known to staple or nail egg cartons to their building walls and ceiling to dampen the sound.
  10. Planter. Don’t let your seedlings get swallowed up in a huge garden just yet. For a safe place for your plants to begin life, fill egg carton cups with potting soil, and then plant some seeds. Once the seedlings sprout, cut each cup from the tray and plant it, cup and all. The paper carton will recycle in the earth, and your seedling will flourish.

With all the possibilities available for egg carton reuse, it’s a wonder why any of us got rid of them before! So help the environment (and yourself) to some cool projects and storage options with egg crates.

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