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Creative Ideas for Basement Remodeling

Basement Design Ideas

With these creative ideas for remodeling your basement, you can create one or more brand new rooms in your home without having to build an addition.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away by making a guest bedroom you don’t really need.

Creative ideas for basement remodeling mean thinking about what function the space can serve to enhance your enjoyment of your home life.

With the right basement remodel job, you might find yourself slipping downstairs a little more often.

A Basement Bar, a Secret Luxury

Turn your basement into a finished wet bar complete with stools for a casual hang-out space that leads out to a pool or patio area.

While most people might not install a full bar in their kitchen, dining or living room, a basement can be the perfect spot to indulge.

Decorate your home basement bar to the hilt.

Make a Tiki-themed room by installing bamboo wallpaper and hardwood flooring, using rustic island prints on upholstered chairs, choosing big palm trees, real or fake, depending on your lighting conditions, and hanging Hawaiian art.

Take the look outdoors by draping strings of paper lanterns over bamboo poles and using Tiki torches. These are all things you can do without any sort of construction company or even having any real builder skills.

A basement bar can also go a more elegant route when you use leather-upholstered high-backed stools, a handcrafted mahogany bar and dedicate a shelf to your small-batch whiskey collection.

The idea here is indulgence. Turn your basement into the lounge you would create for yourself for a personal escape and to entertain your closest friends because that is exactly what you are doing.

A Better Bedroom for Your Teenager

If your teenager has outgrown her small upstairs bedroom, and perhaps you have outgrown overhearing her talk on the phone late into the night, let her take over the basement.

Turn it into her own private escape for lounging, studying and entertaining her friends.

Teenagers need room to spread out, and often have creative ideas for how they want their rooms to look.

Take on this project together, allowing your teen to get involved in color choices for walls, flooring choices, the types of blinds, and overhead lighting fixtures.

Besides creating a place at home where your teen actually wants to be, doing a remodeling project together can give you something positive to talk about.

If one or both of you are DIY-ers, do some of the work yourselves for a particularly memorable renovation.

When it comes to curtains, bedding and table lamps, allow your teen to select whatever he or she wants.

Accessories are not worth arguing over, and you can always replace her choices somewhere down the line.

An Ideal Home Theater

If you are a movie nut or a gaming hobbyist, turn a cavelike basement into an oasis of electronics and creature comforts.

Choose couches and chairs that you can sit in for long periods of time, and take time to install televisions, stereos and other equipment so that it is adjustable and suits your needs precisely.

Make sure to install great blackout curtains if your basement does get light, and install an excellent lighting system, preferably on dimmers, so that you can see when you need to.

This is the time to paint walls dark colors like stout brown, deep purple and even black.

If the basement doubles as a laundry area, use a room divider like heavy curtains to section off the machines so that the noise doesn’t disturb your screenings.

If you intend to host guests, make sure to have plenty of seating.

A big sectional that might overwhelm a small or medium-sized living room is at home in a big basement theater.

Brighten a Dark Basements with Color

Whether you turn your basement into an additional bedroom, a children’s playroom or a combination ping-pong / crafting / yoga den, a basement does not have to feel like the land where the sun never rises.

For economical flooring, paint concrete floors bright white. If the floor needs to be leveled, level it and install plain plywood or cheap hardwood flooring. Then whitewash it or paint it a sunny yellow.

Take on walls with bold, light wallpaper in a geometric print, and add white curtains around windows, installing the curtains outside of and above the windows to make them appear larger.

Color can make a space more cheerful and inviting; continue the welcoming theme by lightening the stairs going down to the room, and making the basement door pop in a bright white, yellow or bold shade of red.

Any of these creative uses for your basement space will enhance your time, and your family’s time, at home.

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