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Creative Backyard Landscaping Designs

Backyard Landscaping Design

These creative backyard landscape design ideas will help your backyard keep up with the rest of your house. You have bought new curtains for your windows, the floors have just been re-done, new carpet has been installed and you have added a new coat of paint to the walls of your home.

Your place now has a refreshing look that shows off your style and personality.

You look out your window to your backyard, and find it’s in need of some updating. Your backyard needs the same personal attention you give to the inside of your home.

When tackling the landscaping in your backyard, you don’t want to just fill it in with a plain grass lawn or a few rocks. You want your backyard to be an extension of your home and you want to maximize the space.

With some professional help, you can take some creative backyard landscaping ideas and turn them into a reality in your own yard.

Vertical Landscaping

Vertical landscaping works well in small backyards. In a small yard, you don’t have the space to spread out large grass areas or walkways to create depth. Instead of spreading out, you need to go vertical in your small backyard.

Garden hill terraces can help to give your yard the illusion of depth, and the added height will make it seem larger.

In addition to terraces, which can be expensive to install, you can do a few simple landscaping techniques to create a vertical look.

Place trellises against your fence and fill them with flowering vines that will add color and height to your small yard. The trellis will also hide your fence, giving you more of a free-flowing space.

Baskets and potted plants can also be hung and placed around your backyard to add interest to the space.

Foliage Landscaping

If you are not a big fan of flowers, then you may want to landscape with foliage. Planting trees and shrubs is a low-maintenance alternative to your traditional flower garden.

Trees can be found in vibrant colors, such as the Crimson King Maple. A Crimson King Maple will give you shade and add a splash of color with its deep purple leaves.

You can also plant trees that are green year round, also known as evergreen conifers or pine trees. If the trees get too large over time, you can simply contact a tree company. The one we use here is tree trimming Vancouver. They have a lot of experience with larger trees like pines.

Evergreen conifers typically require less water than a tree with leafs, and they will keep the same shape and look whether it is sunny or snowing.

Touch Landscaping

Landscaping your backyard does not need to be a strictly visual experience.

A backyard can be creatively landscaped around the texture and feel of your plants and flowers.

Touch landscaping works especially well if you have young children.

Kids will love to touch everything in a touch-friendly space. You can use money plants with soft leafs or lamb’s ear and dill. Lamb’s ear is a soft feathering plant that can be used to line a walkway or a bench.

Walk through your backyard and see how you move through the space.

Pick the plants you would like to feel as you use your backyard space.

Zen Landscaping

Designing a Zen garden in your backyard would require an extensive knowledge of Zen philosophy and its practices. However, you don’t need to be a Zen Master in order to get a Zen-style incorporated into the look of your yard.

Zen landscaping involves using what is called a “dry approach” to your backyard. If you live in a dessert or an area with strict water restrictions, then Zen landscaping may work best for your yard.

Zen landscaping uses mainly rock and gravel to add texture and dimension to a space. Simple fountains also help to add to this air of relaxation you want to create with your Zen landscaping.

In your Zen-style landscaping, you will want to use moss, sand, gravel and stone to create a minimalistic dry space.  You will want to use plants sparingly in this design.

If you do use plants, you will use small evergreens trees or ground cover plants.

Multitask Landscaping

If you use your backyard for everything from entertaining to a playground for your children, then you may want to divide your space with your landscaping.

Use trellises and plant screens to corner off one area from another. If you have a dining patio that overlooks a swing set, you can place plant screen along the edge of the patio.

The plant screens will give you privacy as you dine on your patio, and the screens will give texture to your space.

Plant screens and trellises also work well if you have neighbors that can see into your backyard.

Using these great ideas for backyard design, your yard will be an extension of the home you have carefully cultivated both inside and out.

Share with us at Kelly and Company your backyard pics in the comments below. We’d LOVE to them!

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