best bed sheets

Best Bed Sheets

What Are the Best & Most Comfortable Sheets?

Growing up, before I became a wife and Mom, I didn’t ever think about what the most comfortable bed sheets were – who cared? Now I do.

I love getting a good night’s sleep – and an uncomfortable or poorly made set of sheets can ruin that for you. As I’m older and more informed now, I understand how hazardous a bad night’s sleep can be, so sheet comfort is a priority for me in household purchases.

Everyone kind of has a different idea of what makes bed sheets comfortable. My cousin Amy irons hers. I like mine fitted, and crisp and clean, not silky or satiny. Others love the slip and sliding feel of satin-based sheets.

You might love sheets that give you that cold feeling when you first get into bed or turn over (I do), or maybe you don’t. One thing that determines comfort to me is how well it fits. I hate it when a sheet set sags and causes bunching up of my sheets – or pulls too tight, so that I have to keep going around the bed to reattach the edges.

I’m going to share some information with you on buying the most comfortable bed sheets you can get – and the greatest thing is that while local stores try to charge you out the nose for luxury bed sheets, online prices are competitive – and you won’t have to forego comfort to keep your budget in check.

If the sheets are wrinkled and bunched up under you, they are not comfortable no matter what the thread count is or how nice the fabric is. “Comfy-Snug” drawstring fitted sheets stay flat and smooth better than any other sheet where the drawstring beneath the mattress pulls the sheet tightly all the way around the bed.

The sheet is flat and smooth all the time and self adjust to the mattress thickness. There is nothing more comfortable than nice smooth sheets. It’s like the first time getting in bed with new sheets. You just slide right in. Drawstring sheets give you that just made feeling night after night. Also the drawstring is tightened at the side of the mattress so there is no problem figuring out where the side is.

Thread Count – What is it?

Thread count, does it make a difference? Actually, thread count does make a difference. Sometimes its a big difference. Sheets of lower thread count, such as 180, could develop little clusters of tiny lint balls attached to it after a few washes. Also, they are thinner and you can see any other sheet or mattress prints through them.

Thread count is the number of threads found both horizontally and vertically in a 1″ x 1″ square of fabric. Thread count can start at 10 and go up to 1200 or above. Typically, thread counts between 300-500 are what people tend to bug most. Sheets between the two numbers offer quality, softness, and an affordable price. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric is. It is also more durable and less prone to shrinkage. Also, the higher the thread count, the higher the cost.

Are There Other Things to Think About When Purchasing Sheets?

Thread count is not the only part of finding the right sheets. Ask yourself, “Single-Ply or Double-Ply? No, I am not talking about toilet paper hear. Single and double-ply are also used in sheets. Ply refers to how many threads are wrapped together into one single thread. Single-ply fabrics use threads on their own, whereas double-ply is made up of two pieces of thread twisted together. If you want heavier sheets, double ply would be right for you.

Another thing to think of is the weave of the fabric. Some of the weaves are percale, flannel, jersey, and sateen. I am sure that you have seen these listed on the packaging, but what do they mean?

Percale sheets are made from carded and combed cotton, which is a process that eliminates impurities and short, less desirable fibers. It is the finest available and the higher the thread count, the more it has a silky feeling.

Flannel sheets have a medium, soft fabric. It offers a thicker appearance and a soft, comfortable feel to keep you warmer during the cooler seasons.

Jersey sheets give a more elastic, stretchy feel that is great for draping.

Sateen sheets has more yarn surface and offers a more lustrous looks.

Top 5 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The key in investing in Egyptian cotton sheets is not to just look at price tags. You want to shop for the highest thread count you can afford, and try not to go less than 400. You’ll preferably have something in the 1200-1500 thread count range.

My Mom swears there’s nothing like Egyptian cotton sheets – she won’t sleep on anything less. I wouldn’t go THAT far – but there are certainly some reasons why these dominate the market.

Here are five of the top best sets on the market, but feel free to go shop the Egyptian cotton sheets section at Amazon or, where you can save money (and in many cases get FREE shipping, too).

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

What Are the Most Comfortable Bed Sheets Made Of?

The most comfortable bed sheets can certainly be made of silk, satin, flannel – but to me, it’s always a preference for good old fashioned cotton.

I have owned sheets in just about every material available on the broad market. I thought I would love satin sheets – but when my leg moved, the sheet moved with it, and I didn’t like that much.

With flannel sheets, which I envisioned being SO comfy during the winter months, it just became too hot. I’m the kind of person who can’t sleep with one leg out of the covers (thanks to my overactive mind) – so I need it to be just the right temperature under the blankets. Flannel was simply too hot. However, I live in Texas – so even in the winter months, it just never got cold enough to appreciate them.

Cotton is by far the most often purchased material when it comes to buying sheets for comfort. But there are different kinds of cotton – and it all boils down to thread count when it comes to comfort.

A low number thread count, means you’re going to be laying on sheets that feel more stiff and scratchy than comfortable. A high numbered thread count gives you that soft, luxurious feel.

But if you looked in stores, or listened to the Oprah’s Favorite Things episode, you’d think you might need to take out a small loan to buy a set of high numbered cotton sheets – and thankfully, I’m here to dispel this lie today – because everyone can now afford Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count these days – thanks to Amazon!

Unique Comfortable Sheet Sets

Organic Sheets and Bamboo Sheets

You can find the most comfortable organic sheets and the most comfortable bamboo sheets online. I love shopping online IF I’m given reviews by actual consumers because otherwise, I need to feel them on my own. Problem is, it’s hard to find this good stuff in local stores – and I’m in the DFW area, so you’d think it’d be easy!

Just because they’re green and good for the environment doesn’t mean they aren’t luxury sheets. There are some amazingly comfortable sets you can buy online. I’ve listed five of the best ones below, but the links above will take you to the entire shop for them if you want to browse and read verified buyer reviews by consumers.

Unique Comfortable Sheet Sets

Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets the Most Comfortable Sheets in the World?

There’s a reason that celebrities and we regular people are so into Egyptian cotton sheets – well, the high end thread count, that is. It’s because the cotton feels soft as silk, without being the exact same texture.

People who use higher thread counts agree that it feels like you’re sleeping on air – like it’s just part of your skin. It’s not abrasive at all, so it makes it very comfortable. The fibers are woven very tight, and the sheets last a long time.

The sheets won’t end up pilling, like some sheets do. They won’t snag and get holes all in them. The best ones will have deep pockets. This is perfect if you have a pillow-top mattress, where you need extra fabric.

What I love about Egyptian cotton sheets is that they’re not too hot, not too cold. They’re soft, but you don’t slide (or it doesn’t move with you). It is easy to take care of and lasts forever. You can wash them in cold water and avoid wrinkles, but if you want to, you can iron them for a crisp appearance.

The Most Comfortable Satin and Silk Sheets

Comfortable Satin and Silk Sheets

The most comfortable satin and silk sheet sets don’t have to cost a lot – in fact, you can find some as low as $20 – and some ultra-luxury ones in the $300+ range.

Below, I’ve listed five of the bestselling sets – and some of those are low end, and some high, so there’s something for every budget. The link above will allow you to shop for all satin and silk sheet sets, so that you can narrow down what you want a bit better.

I’m not a fan of satin and silk but I’ve owned them before – if you’re a fan, here’s what the research turned up as the best buys:

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